The Star Grip line of golf grips is manufactured for the professional, competitive, or recreational golfer with the focus on quality, durability, and consistency. Golf is a game of consistency, and Star Grip, through its proprietary manufacturing and material formulation, ensures its golf grips are consistent on many levels: consistent concentricity, consistent tackiness, consistent weight variance of only +/- 1 gram, and consistent feel in nearly all weather conditions. We are so sure you will love our grips that we offer an industry leading 3-Year Warranty that it will not get hard, slick, crack, or unravel. Try our grips today!!!


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Love your grips. I used them several years ago and lost track of where to find them. I know now. They are the best no nonsense grips I have ever used. They are not fancy, just good. They keep their tackiness very good. All you have to do is wipe them down with a wet rag and they feel like new. THANKS


“Using the Air Nozzle attachment, I just spent 20 minutes doing what would have taken me over 2 hours. I no longer dread re-gripping. Everyone in the miniature golf business should use your product. Great Job !!!”


“Had the grips on this past weekend. It was up to 100 degrees with all the humidity, I shot one of my best rounds of golf in my life. I like the fact that with all sweat and suntan lotion on the grips they did not get slippery. Thanks Again.”


“I purchased a set of Sidewinders and have been playing them for a month. Best grips I’ve ever felt. I also loved putting them on using your air nozzle. I’ve never re-gripped before, but that tapeless method is a breeze. Thanks very much for great grips !!!”


“Your clubs are holding up well in Hawaii at our club rental company. We replace 6 to 7 golf bags a month because they get fried in the sunshine here. Your grips have shown very little wear, do not crack or crumble, and have been well received by the rental customers.”


“Used the Air Tool with ease. It took about a minute per club to install the grips, and they are the best grips I’ve ever had on my clubs. In damp and wet weather, these grips are better than the all-weather grips I have been using. It really exciting to know I’ll never have to fool with tape and solvent again. Thanks for a great product at a great price.”